Spectacular Somatic Therapies & More!

I take great pride in being a trusted body mind practitioner in Rancho Santa Fe for 20 years now.

I have made exciting additions to the services I offer and eagerly invite you to view the rest of the website to see just how wide a variety I offer.

Therapies are tailored to your specific needs and I'd be happy to set up a free consultation to discuss your expectations and assess your needs. I am trained in various body mind therapies and spiritual counseling to help you live your best life. I am also the founder of my own method called Sensory Therapy, which uses the five physical senses to help us awaken to our deeper, truer Self. Sensory Therapy opens the channels between body, mind and spirit... and in itself is a form of soul therapy. Very powerful, soul-stirring and uplifting!

Call The Sensory Life at 858.353.5560 today to make an appointment or schedule a free consultation.

  • Are you ready to explore a new and unique landscape of massage therapy that will not only relieve your sore muscles but will also inspire your greatest Self to emerge?
  • Do you have physical pain that you just cannot get to the bottom of?
  • Are you interested in how other life expressions of yourself (commonly known as past lives) influence this life- how you carry your karma and dharma - so you can make the most of who you are Now?

If you have had any of these question, or you are simply looking to have the BEST massage/healing experience of your life, I am taking new clients and it would be my honor to assist you in your healing journey!

The Sensory Life is conveniently located and serves the entire San Diego North County area, specifically the Rancho Santa Fe and Whispering Palms communities. My goal is to provide the most exceptional care possible.