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The Alchemy of the New Human Soul & The Birth of Spiritual Elegance

Have you ever wondered what kind of Human we are evolving into as a species? What
characteristics will we have developed in 100 or 1000 years? And where we are going
as communities… on our small blue planet? Have you been struggling with finding your
way in these challenging times? And finding others committed to a truly new Way of

A New Essence is Emerging within us . . . an Essence that activates our Light and who
really Are. This Essence is a new State of Being… that is Fluid, Inspired, Enlightened,
Humble and Strong. And it is attainable, here…. and now.

The Inception

Many years ago I was visiting my family's winter home in Palm Desert... a magical,
sensory place, where I always feel inspired. And the question arose in me, “How can one

person change the world?” I felt my mind pause, hanging in a moment of suspended
anticipation… and then... like quick silver, an answer rang through me.

“Start a trend.”

I felt a chill move through my body from head to toe… my bio-
electric circuitry bathed in
Truth ….and a kind of ecstatic gladness enveloped me.

During this same time frame (while contemplating the photos of Nelson Mandela and the
Dalai Lama) came another inspired thought,

“I wonder if every evolved human has embodied the same qualities and characteristics?”

That day I had no idea where that simple thought would lead me, but I followed the
hunch and initiated a very ordinary online exploration of spiritual teachers around the
globe, (some not
so well known) and also industry leaders who all appeared to possess an uncommon way
of Being… yet easily recognizable, if our antenna is on it.

As I observed these qualities, captured in the essence of these individuals… an
unmistakable Code of Being began to emerge. I wrote down a list of physical attributes
that each of these spiritual teachers or social leaders seemed to share… despite color,
culture, country or creed.

Then digging deeper, I wrote down the attributes of their demeanor and character. It
seem to matter what religion or spiritual path they practiced, or what country they lived in

or culture they came from.


Then another thought formed, “Would it be helpful to give this kind of human a name?”
“Would it be helpful to be able to identify this brand of… evolved human?"

We use “spiritual” to describe a whole host of attributes… but somehow the waters still
get muddied. There are ideas like, “that leader had a dark side, and fell from Grace,” or
“that one has a spiritual ego.” And it’s really no one’s fault, because after all, we are all
Human… and life is a growth opportunity.

"But THIS kind of human, is what we are All evolving into… as an evolving species. As
a Conscious species. They are healed, integrated and whole,” I thought to myself.

And then… like an illuminated sign, the words began to form on the inner screen in my

Another shiver ran up my spine and I knew something BIG was in the air around me.

So I decided these qualities were best described as a brand of Spiritual Elegance, and that

these beautiful, evolved humans… were very simply, Elegant Humans. (Elehu, for short -


Very quickly, a list of attributes began to emerge. Mind you, these attributes are utterly
attainable from a very human stand point. This is not lofty stuff here. And they are
of attaining… no matter our religious backgrounds or beliefs, no matter what color or
we are from. These qualities or attributes only aid the human we wish to become, as an
evolved human. No part of us is left behind and no part is sacrificed. We get to be exactly

who we are…. and more!

Elegant Human Attributes:

(To name a few)

They have an air of Simplicity.
They embody a kind of Spiritual Elegance in how they interact with others.
They embody a kind of Calm and Certainty.
They can be leadership oriented and directional, or more introverted.
They can hold any position, anywhere. They can be actors, artists, doctors,
Scientists, playwrights, politicians, CEO’s, teachers, sailors, writers, dancers, or

They can be anyone…in the world.
Anyone…. like You.
They have a strong sense of Presence.
They swim in a state of Coherence.
They have a sense of humor & know how to have fun!
They may even be a little goofy, lol
They don’t take things too seriously.
They have a twinkle in their eyes. and a little upturned smile,
like they know something we don’t :-)
They move through life with a lightness and strength all their own.
They have a strong sense of Self that isn’t Ego-driven, but more

Here’s my Elegant Human Equation:

They have a childlike sense of Innocence paired with great Wisdom….
Plus (+) their Humility is matched by an uncommon Nobility.

Innocence + Wisdom

Humility + Nobility

Now, take a Deep Breath.
Can you Feel That??? Because it is our feeling nature that we evolve by….
not through our thinking mind.
FEEL what that combination of attributes, feels like.

And while they may still have bad days like anyone else, they have
a gracious demeanor that conveys empathy and understanding. Their
strength is met with a softness when a situation requires it. They have
met with their Wholeness…. their Integrated Self. They no longer have
unintegrated sides of themselves that will pop out like the Boogyman
and scare us.

They are Safe for us to Trust.

Lastly, these sweet, powerfully present Elehu’s exude Loving Kindness…. to Everyone.
-And they’ve worked very hard (in many lifetimes :-) to get there, within themselves.
So at the end of the day, they live an Undefended Life.

Will you join me in the quest of becoming this brand of Spiritually Elegant Human?
Let us All fall in Love again “like in childhood” with Being Human, shall we? ❤️
How you get there, is YOUR choice.
Earth's Future is Calling...!!