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Be A Living Light Channel

In many spiritual traditions throughout time and across the globe, Light has been considered a physical expression of Source… of God. God is Light, Light is Love…. Light is…. Inspiration… translating to "In Spirit" - being "inspired from within." So attuning ourselves with Light, whether we consider ourselves to be religious or not, spiritual or not, can be a practical way of becoming an embodied conduit of peace on the planet, at a time when we need it most. “Light bearers” are often considered anchors, during turbulent times, and that is what we must become, now.

When we practice the art of Breathing Light…. we may notice we feel more uplifted and peaceful. More joyful and exuberant. More steady and grounded. More fluid and productive. Play music as you breathe light! Breathe in essential oils while breathing light! Mix it up. The simple practice of breathing light then becomes a quest of attuning with Light in more subtle ways: perhaps discovering healing modalities with light, opening to channeling higher intuitive guidance… or “automatic writing”… even having fun and dancing with light as it streams through you is a joyful experience. More to come on this page, but for now… just play with Light… through your imagination, out under a wide blue sky in the sunlight, in nature… laser light, etc… and notice how you feel. Your own experience will be your best Guide.