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At any time during our day, we are either in one of two states of Being. We are either in Contraction…. or Expansion… or some place on the spectrum between the two. “Contraction" happens in the sympathetic nervous system (one of three branches of the autonomic nervous system) when we react to stressful moments, triggering anxiety, worry… or by thinking too linearly with the left brain (analytical side of brain) without taking breaks. These days anxiety and stress can be triggered by Electromagnetic Frequency’s (EMF’s) produced by all electrical devices, computers, smart phones. Even the solar panels on our homes triple the amount of EMF’s inside our homes. But the good news is, there ARE ways to balance all of these challenges!

When we are successful at moving from contraction to expansion, the parasympathetic nervous system kicks in, inducing a relaxation response. So what we call Relaxation is simply a process of WILLINGLY moving from this daily experience of contraction to a state of more conscious state…. of expansion. Moreover, it’s about becoming Aware… of Ourselves… how we are built… and how to transcend discord.

In this Light, Relaxation - is ultimately about knowing how to meet our own needs.

Ex. Ask yourself:

  • What am I feeling now?
  • What do I most need right now?
  • Then, do your best to fulfill that need as best as you can.
  • Notice how you feel.

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