Most of us feel like we need to push the world on its axis to get it to spin. 🌎

We have an internal driver that drives us (and often others) forward… but instead, headfirst we go, straight into the ground. We push life, like there’s no net below to catch us if we fall. And while that may be “true" in every fiber of our being… that reality only lives on the Surface of life. Believe it or not, that believe lives… “out there.” We may not have family or income to support our lives, and we keep taking all the steps, showing up, doing, doing and doing ourselves... into Illness. We’re living life from the Outside In.

We forget – since we are in fight or flight mode in these moments – that the world sits in the middle of deep space, in the middle of a galaxy, in the center of an intelligent, organized system... and that the grace of gravity (among other celestial and scientific things) keep the world spinning… All by its itty-bitty self.

It’s doing it all on its own. Just like breathing and our heart pumping automatically

So— statements like that usually lead us to contemplate the Bigger Picture of Life. Lol And indeed, those who do--- usually find their way to a simpler path in life – one with less push and more pause… Yet with the added benefits of more efficiency and flow… more peace, love and joy... and often more merriment and mirth!

Abundance is a simple learning. We make it SO complicated! And so impossible to achieve. But nay… I say…! (Laughter track here) Abundance is a Dance… And learning to shift gears from living life from the outside in – pushing life to conform to our beliefs, living in lack consciousness (and high, tense shoulders!) to letting life MEET us… Allows Life… In. And that makes all the difference in the world.

I used to push life like this. I had this image pop in my head one day, that I was literally trying to push the planet… To get it to move on its axis! All that effforting… suffering… struggle and strain… When all along, it was doing it already.

That image has stayed with me through life.

But did my patterns change overnight? NO. I had to go ahead and experience grave illness (on the brink of death at 42) and then some more years!.. to get me to change my patterns. Releasing these old patterns is NOT impossible to overcome, when it feels as if it is . But it does take Commitment… Time… A Lot of Patience… And a whole boatload of of Self-Love and Self Compassion. That’s what it takes to Shift.

And that is where the Journey really begins... to an Abundant, happy life. A switch is flipped, and you get to experience a different road of life.

When we Choose to drop the layers of our Resistance to Life…. and it is a Choice (ex: the need to be right, defensiveness, feelings of unworthiness, etc.. all egoic tendencies) and embrace a willingness to release them all… and instead, trust that Life Has Us… That the net is there, whether we can see it or not... that is when Magic Hour begins.

The Lights turn on. The stage for True growth and success in our lives is set.

All of that happens…. on Our Inside.